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Maritime Transactions in complete security and privacy

Legal Marine was developed keeping in mind the ever growing needs of individuals, brokers and dealers in the domain of pleasure craft yachts.  In the purchase or sale of a vessel you may encounter a need, or in different cases find useful the opinion of a marine advisor in order for your transaction to be handled and concluded in all security.

The administrators of Legal Marine are professional lawyers that have been exercising in the field of civil and commercial litigation for many years.

In order to guide you in the different circumstances of a marine transaction, our marine advisors are equipped to offer you different services at a competitive rate.

Our advisors knowledge and guidance can cover all of your needs due to the numerous resources at our reach such as experts in marine surveys and mechanical inspections, brokers in Canada and the USA, Marine Mortgages and Insurance.

Legal Marine can meet all your needs in these areas and make sure that in the course of your transaction all is done according to standard requirements of Canadian Law.

Our marine advisors banking experience and contacts will permit us at Legal Marine to allow our clients to benefit from exchange rates, wire transfers in all security and privacy.

Do not hesitate in contacting our office for more information, our staff will be pleased to assist you.

News and information

Purchase and Sales Contract or Offer to Purchase

Posted 3/8/2018

A purchase of a vessel can be a dream come true but in a transaction between two individual’s numerous circumstances can occur that neither the buyer or seller may have anticipated, you will want to make sure that all aspects of the purchase are included in your Purchase and Sales Contract or on your initial Offer to Purchase.

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Tax implications

Posted 3/1/2018

Taxes have often been a reason for worry when a boat owner decides to cross customs and bring their vessel back into Canadian territory for the first time.

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Achat et vente de Yacht - transaction maritimes entre particuliers

service de transcaction maritime - achat et vente de Yacht